The amazing cake trends of 2020 that you will surely adore!

Cake baking is all about being creative that adds a flavor to the event. Occasions such as birthdays, weddings etc. hold very exceptional position. They mark the birth of a person or the beginning of a beautiful journey of a couple. Is a simple cake enough for these special moments? Of course not! These days ought to be made memorable with a wonderful customized cake baked especially for the day and blended with all emotions. By embedding an extra layer of charismatic flavor, cake baking will be definitely a choice with difference.

Cake Bakery is here with the specialization in cakes for birthdays, weddings and distinctive occasions. Instead of being a general bakery store where plain cakes, the bakery craft exotic designs of cakes with marvelous shades of flavor. Digging deep into the emotions of the day, it understands that the extraordinary occasions are for the dear ones holding superior position in life and therefore a special cake is deserved by them.

Artistically inventing a yummy cake –

For any type of special event, a custom cake could be designed as per the requirements. Beginning from a 1st birthday cake to wedding cakes or taking up to any form of creative cake, yummy cakes are there for you.

Top 10 amazing cake flavors that go beyond just chocolate…

  1. Luscious Lemon
  2. Pink Champagne
  3. Hazelnut Almond
  4. Grand Marnier
  5. Red Velvet
  6. Ginger Spice
  7. Bananas Foster
  8. Coffee and Cream
  9. Peanut Butter
  10. Caramelized Vanilla

Birthday cakes from a tiny to teens…

The ingenious combination of cake base and topping design the cakes with several ideas in mind. Like for a young child’s birthday, a distinct cake designed around the favorite cartoon character of the child could be created. For the teens, birthday cake could be designed around their hero. A favorite thing or hobby could be used to design the cake for a grown up person. Special birthday cakes are not made with simple surroundings of flowers but with creative themes and ideas in mind for the person.

Cakes for the wedding gala…

For the weddings, some of the most extraordinary custom cakes are designed. Adding sweetness to the lives on beginning a new journey is garnished with a delicious wedding cake. For this distinct event, a plain and simple delicacy is just not a right choice. The love amongst the couple must be brightened by the preparation. Red velvet, floral patterns, shades of gold are magically absorbed for creativeness.

Choose a cake bakery and make the desserts exclusive unlike any other.