Why Açai Bowls are a Healthy Dessert Snack

If you’ve ever vacationed in any of the Islands in Hawaii, you must’ve come across (or at least heard of) Açai bowls. Açai bowls are a personal favorite for me, offering a healthy alternative to back-to-work or walk-in-the-park snacks and bites. They are a very popular dessert in Hawaii and have become a must-bite for locals and tourists across the archipelago.

Açaí is a native berry fruit that grows on local palm trees in the Amazon rainforest regions of South and Central America. It I quite popular as a staple in Brazil and neighbouring countries as well, because it makes such a delicious smoothie. If you’ve been told that a dessert snack is simply a pile of sugar and carbs, açai bowls will make you rethink that opinion. There are several recipes available at different cafés and restaurants in Hawaii, and each one is touted to be a healthy bowl of goodness and nutrition. Here’s why;

How healthy are açai bowls?

First things first, açai bowls are a combination of fruits and seeds, including superfruit açai berry puree, blueberries, strawberries, and frozen bananas, laced with fresh fruit toppings, granola, and different healthy seeds. But the good thing about açai bowls is that they leave

you satisfied and full, and not wanting to eat a “main dish”. It is a smoothie with several layers of flavors that sink in and affect your palette positively and excitedly.

As indulgent as the taste and texture feel, this treat is a wholesome and nutritious meal that can fuel your day for active living. They are refreshingly cold and creamy, and give off a sorbet-like, complex berry flavor. For many people, the most important part of the açai bowls are the toppings which can be anything and everything you’re comfortable with.

There are several popular recipes and are considered a healthy option for dessert. These include berry açai bowls, mango açai bowls, protein açai bowls, tropical açai bowls, and peanut butter açai bowls.

So, what health benefits do açai bowls offer?

  • Dietary fiber. This supports digestive health and weight loss because fiber makes you feel fuller and prevents overeating or over consumption of carbs.
  • Adequate nutrients. These are provided by the abundance of fruits that açai bowls contain and they give you sustained energy.
  • Antioxidants. These are immune system boosters which protect your cells and fight against free radicals, reducing the likelihood of cancer, heart disease, and aging.
  • Amino acids. Well, not just amino acids, but essential ones. They help to improve skin and hair health, support muscle building and regeneration and bone strength. Essential amino acids also help regulate enzymes, hormones, and antibodies.
  • Essential omegas and fatty acids. These help reduce bad cholesterol intake and support heart health. They are also important for maintaining healthy HDL levels.

Overall, this is one of those rare treats that offer satisfaction and indulge your sweet tooth, but also provides the essential nutrients you need to live a healthy life.